Brand Introduction
Brand History

Began in 1986 Germany "DZX" Cordes, from its technical background for the production design concept, since October 2002 in the country into the mold technology, Equipment and technical advisory services, and then independent research and development of innovative fixed, floating, horizontal and other series models. After years of development and application of the accumulation, have made more than 100 technical invention, practical, appearance and other patents, and the use of its automation technology and sales platform for more and more customers to provide professional stamping production plant equipment, Supporting technical support, has been in the automotive locomotive, mobile communications, household appliances, electronic computers, daily hardware and other industries widely used.

Application Industry
Brand Characteristics

In-mold tapping device is actually the combination of traditional automatic stamping and tapping the efficient device, that is, through the mold and tapping equipment and mold the perfect combination of transmission screw up and down movement, the machine inside the tight gear to drive the taps up and down rotation, To achieve the purpose of thread molding, while the completion of the product molding and assembly between the most critical part - tapping. This innovative technology, greatly improving the production efficiency and processing accuracy, making the molding process and assembly automation, as possible. Particularly suitable for installation in the progressive die and continuous drawing die, can also be used alone in the production line.

The excellent design of the Coronson in-mold tapping machine makes the product unique advantages:

Tap, replaceable, arch, and so on more than 3 kinds of installation methods to meet the needs of different processing production; thread can be molded left or right The use of a six-point concentric collet technology to ensure that the taps to install the concentricity of the tapping; double insurance safety protection device to mold the tapping production process more secure and reliable; design flexibility, standard or special specifications. Can be for a variety of different parts, punch conditions, die conditions or die tapping special machine, to provide installation design analysis and mold design guidance, according to product and mold requirements can be down, up, the level of different directions of thread processing.

Technology & Services

"FOUROCEAN " variety of installation methods and models are based on customer parts and punch characteristics tailored to maximize the value of creating customers. It can provide installation design analysis and mold design guidance for various parts, punch conditions, die conditions or die tapping machine. The tapping can be processed down, In - mold tapping technology and solutions. Many cases of experience accumulated, but also to meet your personalized custom needs. Our marketing, research and development, production and after-sales service team, both in the early development of the program, product installation, on-site commissioning, and then to the late use of the maintenance process, can provide you with timely and reliable services, as well as the regional Of more than 200 distributors and agents, to provide you with the perfect pre-sale service.品牌簡介_12.jpg